1 Check in is 2pm until 7.30pm unless alternative arrangements are made with management prior to arrival or departure. We require the full name of those staying in each room. ID (proof age age) email address, home address and phone number/s. We have the right to ask for further ID if necessary. Guests must be aged 18 years or over to book a room at Belleva.  

2 Baggage storage is available for an extra fee of £10.00 for up to six hours prior to check in or check out.

3 All booking deposits are transferable for cancellations made no sooner than 72 hours prior to arrival. Cancellations made up to 72 hours prior arrival are not refundable either by deposit or in full payment for your stay, unless a forced cancellation is made due to government or law guidelines beyond the guest or management’s control. In such case the cancellation is transferable.

4 In the event of the hotel cancelling a booking due to reasons of our own we offer a full refund less the deposit which is transferable (see rule 3 above). Alternatively, we offer a substitute date.

5 Direct bookings are non-refundable in the event of guest cancellations within 72 hours and according to the individual terms of the booking plan you have selected. Bookings made via booking channels for instance booking.com will specify the booking terms according to the rate plan chosen by the guest. Please ensure you read the terms before making your payment or deposit with the booking channel. In the event of a guest cancellation with bookings made directly. we offer an alternative date for your stay or a voucher valid for 12 months which is not transferable to another group/person.

6 Guests will be charged in full for any damages to rooms, soft furnishings or ornaments or public areas to include stains on bedding, damage to carpets and sanitary wear or plumbing.

7 Non paying visitors are not allowed to stay or visit the property without first permission from management. Belleva is covered only for paying guests who have booked in advance or have an agreement to stay at Belleva as a paying guest/s.

8 Belleva withholds the right to ask guest/s to leave instantly who are displaying signs of drunken or abusive behaviour. This is taken seriously and if necessary, we will inform the local services.

9 Belleva does not have its own car park. Please see website for local car parks and facilities.

10 We do not allow drink purchased from outside of Belleva to be consumed in the lounge/dining area, outside Belleva on the terrace or in any public spaces.

11 We do not allow drugs other than prescriptive drugs on the premises. For anyone displaying signs of drug use the services will be called. In our experience of hospitality drugs can induce aggression towards staff and disrupts night activity when other guests are unable to sleep. We do not tolerate this.

12 Belleva is primarily an adult only hotel due to its layout and design – where well behaved children aged 14 and above must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All of our rooms are double rooms therefore not suitable for those with young families. We do not supply extra beds or any other facilities for larger room capacity. This is final.

13 Guide dogs are welcome and Belleva will allow well-trained, well-behaved pets by prior arrangement. Pets must be caged if left in rooms for their own calmness as when a pet is left to roam a room they may become anxious when left alone. And it is not legal to take your dog out with you and leave in a hot car, also to be tied up somewhere.  Belleva will provide large, safety comfort pet huts by prior arrangement. Two of our rooms are pet friendly. For pets to stay please first check availability with the management.

14. All bookings must be made by a person who is over 18 years of age and under the current jurisdiction of UK travel law. Our main booking procedure is with debit or credit card by phone or online.

15 We are not responsible for your personal items or luggage. If you are in any doubt please contact an insurer for advice and or cover.

16 For complaints regarding any matter concerning your holiday at Belleva please notify a member of staff during your stay.

17 Belleva is CCTV monitored in public areas and we have the right to use this footage to help the police with any matters of concern. This is for the benefit of both guest and staff.

18 Due to Covid and health and safety we are currently offering room only for the protection of staff, guests and all around both parties. We take your welfare, and ours seriously. Any food, drink or bar service is at our own discretion. This decision remains for the foreseeable.

19 Guests must not take towels or any items belonging to the hotel away from the hotel. To hire a beach towel please ask a member of staff. 

20 Finally please be aware we have neighbours and other guests when playing music or watching TV. We must take into consideration noise control particularly after 10pm and before 8am.


By making a reservation or booking at Belleva you are agreeing to all the above terms. Belleva has the right to change our terms according to UK law and jurisdiction also political decision regarding the pandemic or any contraindications. 


This is all sounds very somber, but we really do hope you have a lovely time.

Contact us Here for any further information, advice or support.

Contact Tiffany on 079147 95550.