Zanne Brookks Well Wishes #Update

Thanks for personal contact about the passing of Zanne Brookks. We are never prepared for news like this, are we. Zanne had a group of close friends mainly on the Twitter platform where she campaigned and helped various rescues and causes for many years.

Zanne’s friends and myself are going to set up an independent blog in memory of Zanne. We thought a blog, as not everyone is on Facebook and Twitter is primarily for news bulletins that we thought maybe a little insensitive to post just a vague ‘tweet’ about such a valued life of achievement. We wanted something a bit more substantial to share across social media, so thought a blog link would be good to post out.

I will let you know when this is done. For anyone concerned about Zanne’s pets, we understand they are in good, loving care. We really do not wish to discuss her death but more, rejoice in her life. The good things.

If anyone would like to contribute, of course this is an opportunity for you to send love and condolences. We will list several twitter accounts as a point of contact. All contact is strictly confidential. We respect your privacy. If you wish to leave something on the blog for Zanne, we can mark it as anonymous, if you prefer …

Thanks – Tiff. X