Writing About The ‘Dark’ Days and the Power of ‘Hope’

It’s Friday already ! Where do the weeks go … ? I hope yours was a good one my blogging friends.

I have spent a while concentrating on my personal world and writing my book. I suffer with focusing issues when there’s too much going on and find myself heading off in all kinds of directions, often leaving the most important tasks unfinished.

Little obligations become big problems if we don’t sort our stuff out. I realise that. So I’ve found a balance between my home and pleasure. Combining both …

I’d lost my confidence writing. I’m not good at it but I am passionate so I’ve bit the bullet and got on with things. I didn’t want to write ‘all encompassing’ inspiration or ‘lift me up’ type stuff. But rather, the truth laid bare about my ‘real’ past. So that ‘hopefully’ other women in particular will be able to find solace in the normality of our insecurities.

Writing about my journey has opened up things that happened for which I’d forgotten. It’s made me weepy, but I’ve found resolve at the same time. I’ve been writing about how life has taken me. Relationships, struggling. Feeling some days there’s no purpose in my life. Soul searching. But I’ve still laced it with humour. I believe a good sense of humour is a tonic in this day and age.

I am still hugely spiritual yet am defining this sense of ’empathy’ with life situations (and beyond) with practicality. Writing my book has allowed me to see where I have gone wrong. I’d like to say ‘no regrets.’ But I do have them. Yet our mistakes can help us to achieve better things for the future if we take our own lessons as guidance.

I’ve been writing in a place that has no internet. It has helped my creativity. I have felt more confident to be ‘me’ away from peer pressure and my sensitivity.

I was going to blog each chapter, to get some feedback. But then I decided to trust my own instincts as the book is not with material intent but more of a way to record my blue print for my own sense of worth. 

The book is about my life between 2010 and 2016 with flash backs to the past then present. It’s  not a condemning book. There’s no name shaming. It’s about ‘me.’ There’s going to be a few shocking revelations too. Yes, I lived in the underworld for a while. But during this time in what some would call ‘hell’ I found great friends. None of this is online based, it’s all ‘real world’ stuff. In that I went there and yes it broke me into little pieces for a while. But I mended, went on to tell the tale (and that I am doing.) It’s awful being sensitive but it sure beats being wicked.

But then as my good friend ‘The Lonely Author’ taught me. Sometimes, we do need to write wicked, just to show we’re able to address all aspects of within. I suppose it’s a case of being true to who we are.

We can’t enjoy the light until we’ve been in the dark. The hard part is getting out alive. In every sense. Mind – Body and Soul.

Today I am being crafty with paint … We’re on the look out for abandoned pieces of wood that need to re-live their beauty.

I will check my emails on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.

Finally, there’s a Twitter hashtag that I set up a while ago named #StopAnimalAbuse out there. It’s good to have one common phrase to unite many causes, I feel. Well, let’s hope so. I am sure the big boys will embrace the attention. May it ‘always’ be about the animals and getting ‘everyone’ involved. A minefield of ‘ego’ could be used to help the ‘voiceless’ on all levels.

I always say, ‘it’s what comes first in our hearts that define us.’

For some it’s fame and greed, whilst others it’s to sincerely want to help the less fortunate.’ Sadly, all too often the latter assume they must rely on the first. A vicious circle of never-ending imbalance. It’s about a happy medium, surely?

Tiffany. X

Have a great week ! ps Thanks to Lisa for helping out with emails and stuff.

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