Women and Girls under Social Pressure by ‘David London’ #Artist

And it’s not just women. Men feel obliged to look a certain way too. I totally blame celebrity culture and mainstream media.

It’s better to be healthy than deprive yourselves of a little bit of you what you fancy for the sake of the perception of others. SO WRONG !! If you feel you need to look like a stick insect. Get some new friends and dump your partner.

Take some advice from an ‘old bird’ … if the people around you make you feel you’re not up to scratch, you’re not on the right path. Love is blind. Walk TALL !!

Thank you Miranda Marieh who has just advised me, the artist is a guy named David London from Boston Massachusetts . Refreshing to see a male perspective that understands the pain of some of these women and girls.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

( Miranda Marieh is the first photo above with the guitar. Fabulous artist and friend of mine.)