wildflowers and balance make nature

There’s a lot of depressed millionaires. It’s not about being ‘rich’ or ‘poor.’ It is about finding a balance that is not a result of peaks and troughs. Because to me, what matters most is the state of our planet. If we collectively worked more towards looking after nature we wouldn’t have time to be vain and self indulgent. Love is the Answer.

I mean, you can be filthy rich and not have any style or decorum. Or a busker who sings like an Angel that lives in a caravan on top of a hill. I hope one day people work together instead of driving one another apart – just for the sake of ego. Because ego will not grow earth’s wildflowers and it certainly won’t stop forest fires or earthquakes. Ego is just a pitiful emotion that fades by the day. Ego is just a temporary blip. Soon to vanish.

Those who think ‘how can I appear better than anyone else.’ Will not ever be at peace and that’s why they strive to ‘try’ and make sure nobody else is either. TBH©

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