We’re All Flowers by Tiffany Belle Harper (wrote this last year and re-posted it)

[Just looking through old blogs, wrote this last year and re-posted it today. I like reflection – it enables us to evaluate. Spring 2015]

Well it’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks. Recently starting out on a new journey. We get to points in our life where we need a spring clean. Many of us are afraid of change but we are like flowers we need to fall back in to the soil to regrow more vibrantly.


For a long time I felt overwhelmed by choice. Rather than make solid plans I sort of dipped in and out many projects and became tired. This is where I had to prioritise between me and my skills/objectives and hobbies. Hobbies being I find great comfort in supporting smaller animal causes. It’s all about balance.

As you may know I help out with Wetnose Animal Aid. I have a lot of time for Andrea Gamby-Boulger. She lost her husband suddenly this year and they had such big plans, so very much in love. My support will continue, but I will be spending less time with the bigger scheme of Wetnose and its future.

I am very lucky to have my own home but my gut reaction led me to continue moving forward. So moving twice in one year has been a little draining. Yet I am happy to announce my house is finished and should be on the market in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve still managed to hold a few workshops despite saying they were temporarily cancelled. I have enjoyed meeting new people and when I carry out a workshop I learn a little more about me too! It’s great to do something that brings joy to others. Happy work makes the world go round.

I sort of tap in to energy and this helps my own intuition to grow with fruition. That is how I met Andrea and Gavin and many others from past to present. I felt a connection and it’s enabled me to help animals in turn. There will be so many connections in my life I am sure. And for all of us there are connections too. They come in coincidental ways. We can find everything we need if we listen to our hearts and trust our judgement.


We all need interactions on different levels. Loneliness is a dreadful thing and so many people I speak/connect with ultimately are ‘lonely’ in one way or another. It’s part of our genetics. Yet I do believe that the feeling of ‘loneliness’ is a sense of restlessness urging us to go in new directions and this is what we should do!

I am close to my sons. ‘Living here in Leeds near to James my youngest.’ We’ve been on a journey that has taken us through some difficult times. I didn’t know whether  having my own home would give him the freedom to be in his own power and not feel burdened by me.

Yet now we plan to move to Newquay so that I can have my space. We’ve been looking at small hotels. We’ll both have our own lives yet still be close by.

I had a lovely email from my cousin. Sadly my eldest dog ‘Foley’ is not breathing very well. He’s 19. A dog that’s been through so much with me. My sons were only young when he came into our lives.

Our family of 3 became 4 and to some degree he was the ‘man’ of our house. A hound with a heart that smoothed out many an argument just by being around to help us find balance. So that is my little update.

I will make some videos about my holistic stuff if there’s anything in particular you want to hear about. But mostly I will be focusing on my journey.

I know a lot of you liked my quirky blog. I often sit at home playing music, reading articles, looking at posters people send to me.  Follow my instincts during meditation. I tune in to me. But I also felt I was exposing a part of me that is mine, to be kept private. However I do know it has encouraged a lot of you to blog too! So now I often resort to reading yours!

Now it’s time for me to go dancing. Be flowers. Don’t hold on to your petals. They’ll grow back even stronger if you let the wind work it’s magic.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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