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Updated: Feb 9

Earlier last year, I decided to embark on a wax melt journey. I normally used a mister or incense sticks in favour of natural scents such like cedar wood, lemon grass, lavender, and jasmine. Each essential oil being a ‘specific mood (mental health) enhancer. I had no grand scheme to sell them, but more so to give to friends and family, in addition to experimenting with melts around the hotels and our own space. After a while I became hooked on the process, as you start with a big bag of soy wax shavings and end up with a cute melt in any shape, colour or scent of your choice. It is gorgeous to see how things can transform with our own crafting, combining freedom with colour and fragrance, so grounding too.

As I struggle to do anything in moderation, I soon started a production line of melts and this is what kept us sane through lock down, melts and cooking with my hot pot … as my other main hobby (apart from design and photography) is baking!

I think my best discovery was to invest in liquid sage, it’s not cheap but so worth the benefits. I do sage with a wand, but it can get smoky when smudging, so I wondered whether white sage melts would have the same benefit. White sage is not so much of a ‘pretty perfume’ but more rustic and earthy.

White Sage is ideal for hotels ... as you can imagine how much traffic we get through our doors during high season. I like to sage all the rooms to give them a fresh release of natural energy and I do this at least once a month when I have guests in. White sage will be an ideal air booster for Belleva so I am currently making heaps of melts for the boutique hotel that is coming to Blackpool as soon as we are able to open the doors.

Although I do not enjoy the effect lockdown has on so many people, I cannot complain as I have lived this way (in and out) all my life, where we retreat into our minds and space. And it’s during the darker months we can manifest our best intentions ready for spring right through to the end of autumn. It’s sort of semi hibernation isn’t it. Belleva House. Home. Heart. Hotel.

Getting back to wax melts I must be honest, I started off boiling the wax myself and then following the temperature guidelines, but soon realised putting the soy shavings into a Pyrex jug I could heat the wax in the microwave until it had liquified. But remember as the shavings dissolve, the capacity shrinks down- so if you want a full jug of shavings you can melt the wax and then top up. But it’s heavy to pour with a full jug of liquid, so I prefer to fill with shavings and let the volume reduce to make targeting each small mould shape more precise, with less spillage and waste.

It is suggested to us 10% scent/aroma of the melted wax volume is about right. So, if you have 800ml of liquid wax you should add approx 80ml of scent. However, some scents are stronger than others, so use your own decision. Too much scent to wax can make the wax flake and if you haven’t cleaned out the moulds sufficiently you may also get flaky melts. I have also discovered to my delight you can reuse the wax. And in actual fact, the best texture melts I have crafted to date are from upcycled melts! I think the double heat process makes the wax more durable.

I burn with the larger tea lights; they last for around 12 hours. I get about 12 hours scent from my melts, but you will find out with experimentation how long each flavour scents for. But I don’t throw the tea light holders away. I use them as melt cases. Each larger tea light holder will hold the same volume as three to four wax melts – therefore last much longer. I have added sand, crystal shavings, eco glitter and all kinds of treasures to the melts. Also, if I make a batch and the the smell isn’t effective, I rebake the wax and add more scent.

I am in favour of natural oils as they are less toxic, but I do use both and some of the stronger scents available are ideal for public areas and are just fantastic for a hotel environment, after a breakfast sitting or in a communal area. Please Note: If you choose essential oils, they are in most cases more expensive than readymade scents, but you will need less. I would use about 20 drops in half a Pyrex jug to start with. I mix my oils – so for instance today I crafted, sage, lemon, and lavender oil. I didn’t colour the wax but added dried lavender.

For cheap convenience (especially at work) I have also used Zoflora disinfectant. This may sound odd but Zoflora is 100% vegan so suits everyone and the scents are gorgeous. Many being floral or fresh linen based. If you want to experiment though, I suggest looking up whether you are within the right guidelines, as what we breath in must be right. And Janet a friend of mine quite rightfully pointed out some smells are not suitable for pets. Do your research as you go …

I will be selling my melts at Belleva House. I have in each bedroom a gorgeous lamp with a little glass dish above the bulb that softly melts the wax, making each room aromatic for arrival and all guests get a complimentary bag to take home too. But I will be avoiding candles in the hotel.

I colour most of my melts with natural food dye, but they look divine just natural with some dried lavender, sand or rose petals sprinkled in too. Wax melts are better to use after a few days of making to let the ingredients entwine. It is suggested two weeks, but I wait only a few days to use ours.

Anyway, that is my ramble about was melt making. Have a go … it’s not expensive, you could even split a bag with a friend as the wax goes a long way. Let me know how you get on. Melt making is a hugely romantic and therapeutic hobby for couples. You can get crafty together, light a candle and crack open a bottle of vino, enjoy … Ylang Ylang, black pepper oil, orange. Mix and blend, add drops until you get it right. There’s an oil for every mood and situation.

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