Warwick District Council Update – No Response #Injustice Proof of Planning Permission still no

I’d like to thank my friends for getting in touch regarding the situation my son faces with his house project. Yesterday I contacted Chris White MP by email and I understand he is busy with his constituency. I received an automated email saying he would get back in touch. I am hopeful he will find the compassion to see the reality of this cruel situation where my son has been forced to pay Warwick District Council £191 per week for a room full of rubble.


He has tried for over a year to get the correct council tax band and in return Warwick District Council have responded with debt collectors and a court summons.

Document below showing Warwick District Council have approved planning permission yet they won’t reduce his rates. Instead they have increased them.

planning 003.JPG

I am for the first time in my ‘worldly’ life experiencing the ‘them and us’ treatment to the highest degree. It really has educated me in that we as ‘the people’ do not have a voice when it comes to establishments. Establishments that are meant to look after first their people and then the neighborhood.

I have had a couple of offers of money to get legal support. This is not about money. Although I am sure it will become so. I do have a responsive family that are ready to support us. I’d rather that this get resolved fairly, without bias by Warwick District Council and their Valuation Office. A Gov UK office outsourced to correspond between applicants and Warwick District Council. (Although not effective, in this instance.)

This entire process reminds of the days when people were put in stocks and old fruit and veg was hurled at their heads until they showed remorse for daring to strive for a better way. I am so proud of my son for continuing to get up and motivate himself. He is continuing with his project.

I would struggle to comprehend how anyone could find this entire situation a passive situation or worse, entertaining.

I believe there’s two types of people. Those who care for others and those who care ‘only’ for their own glory. One may have more money and public recognition but the other has a sense of integrity and a determination to do the best for ‘self’ progress with a clear conscience. I know which I’d prefer.

My son is paying £191 per week for a room full of rubble. A tax payer, student, community worker. Suffering at the hands of ignorance. The battle continues.

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Tiffany Harper.