Vans are my Fetish by Tiffany Belle Harper

I have a van fetish. I love trucks, 4 wheel drives and anything chunky on the road. In particular I am (currently) drawn to vintage vans.

I know my phone is off and some people have tried to contact me. But having spoken to a very good friend by email. I am astrologically ‘in recovery.’ Which would make sense as to my current hermit type behaviour and lack of interest in humans.

So … during this dip I woke up today with the overwhelming urge to purchase an ice-cream van. Not to live in, of course. But to encompass a ‘Noddy’ type persona and take to the roads, delivering ‘vegetarian’ ice-creams and lollies to all and sundry in leafy suburbs of the UK.

I’ve lived in a caravan. Loved it but never again. It ended by me and the dogs being lifted out of a bog by crane. They always say, ‘leave on a high.’ Never straight forward is it.

Life’s short. Do what you want, when you want. I always have. It won’t bring you fancy stuff but you’ll never be bored.


Tiffany. X