Twitter #Hashtags to Support Animal Welfare Campaigns – Get involved if you can!

#StopAnimalAbuse for everyone to have a voice and engage. If you’ve spare time to participate on social media, it would be great for you to get involved. And you can use these posters if you want to.  (Right click to save.) They’re not brilliant but I want to contribute. Please follow @wetnoseanimal for which I am a volunteer and a little page I manage in my spare time @wetnoseday. I’m off to meet 150 hedgehogs next week at Oggles Rescue. More news on that soon.


And #StopYulin2016 there’s various other hashtags, all as effective, but here’s my contribution anyway.


Have a great weekend and enjoy your community. It’s about finding a balance between ‘self’ and healing others. Little steps make progress. Being consistent and ensuring we take care of our family. I’d like to say we could all run off on a pilgrimage of salvation but we do need to afford our tickets. I’ve pets to support and I need to eat so I shall be focusing on something between healing and getting things done for my future – That in turn will ‘hopefully’ help others. I enjoy my crash, bang, wallop attitude, it works well for me.

Tiffany. X

#mrsyang #yulindogmeatfestival #animalabuse #stopanimalabuse #stopyulin #animalcruelty