Todd’s Welfare Society – Lahore and my friend Romana LATEST NEWS!

There’s a rescue in Lahore – Pakistan that has stolen my heart. OK I know I’m not famous or in a position to change the world but I can give my heart. This is a sincere rescue with a lovely story of how it all begun.


I know to some people supporting animal rescues in different parts of the world can seem in vain but let us not forget we have to delegate love for our  animal kingdom unconditionally to make the world a better place. I know peace can be found if we all work together for the same goals.

I will be bringing more news soon. We can all make a difference. We all have a voice and we must never give up. I am not online as much but I am still working with videos, blogs and the community to raise help for animals. I believe our greatest medals come from our sense of spiritual connection. I’d like to thank Romana for her trust and friendship. You can find her tweeting over at @tws_pk please join her. They are sincere. Please follow our story of Osha coming soon.  Osha has fought for her life and hopefully will find happiness in a new furever home.


Previous News about Osha Here.

Tiffany. X