These Small Steps are Fine - Belleva House

Updated: Feb 9

Well as you may have noticed I have suggested an open date as of June this year. Simply because it takes the pressure off my shoulders. I have certainly not had a sense of urgency to commence letting strangers stay over at Belleva House. I have plans how we are going to do this and want it to be right.

I do have a lot of interests that are not about making heaps of money. I am feeling settled with my current time spent.

It has been a difficult few years where you cannot just fix up and start running before you can walk. I hate that sense of urgency and rivalry. It takes everything to a horrid and unnatural intensity, and this way, my crafting suffers.

It is all about self confidence and feeling assured enough to stand up to our core competencies. The finest way to follow our own distinctive pathway is not be engrossed by the drama and fake perceptions we are unable to change. To keep it simple. Have a handful of interests that will leave us with a sense of fulfilment.

To avoid much of this utter rubbish in media, alerting us with things like, we are all going to die soon. The future is bleak. That we are being watched by corporate entities. That we have no future. Tosh!

Just take light of your own spaces and places (to include your soul) and use this time to thrive for the future. We are all magnificent. Get on and Get UP!

Be careful where you put your mind and energy because that is your ‘time’ and life is short so don’t waste it on those who will never deserve you. Shine Bright and feel good about now.

I am very worried about what a lot of people are regarding ‘the truth’ by means of sites like YouTube (n particular with the paid adverts) Twitter and Facebook. They are causing mental health concerns for so many people that in turn affects friends and family of the mentally sick. We must try to focus on topics that can educate and enhance our time. I do accept YouTube has some fantastic documentaries and awesome music, topical videos, fashion, baking and on ... but there are also videos expressing bias on topics that can alter how we perceive life in general. And this can have a very negative impact, targeting the lonely and vulnerable.

Too much time spent alone during 'now' is tough for anyone. Please be careful. Many are consumed with excessive bullshit - away from their work routine and normal social outlets. Stay active, be organised and let your rooms be fresh and tidy because our immediate surroundings are perhaps our first encounter with life each day.

Belleva House.

Belleva House is a boutique villa hotel located on St Chads Road Blackpool. 7 individually designed, elegant 'double' bedrooms - ideal for that peaceful, romantic getaway to a quirky, nostalgic seaside town. Each bedroom has a private bathroom or en-suite shower room. Your chosen room comes with a hamper of treats to enjoy during your stay - along with hot drinks, water, mints, fresh towels, eco toiletries, bath robes and most rooms have a mini fridge. Plus super fast inclusive WIFI, flat screen smart TV, movie channels and Alexa! Three of our luxurious bathrooms also have (bathroom friendly) wall mounted flat screen smart TV. There is a communal chill out lounge with free tea and coffee, magazines and books plus art and crafts for sale and a 'hot pot' of the day. All bookings are inclusive of a Mediterranean style breakfast.