the womb thought can be parent to all

There are many ways for the feminine to encompass embodiment of the womb, both masculine and feminine. We can all have womb power when we open our home to share love with those that need us. We can foster children, we can build refuge on our land, driveways and in our garden – we can re-home abandoned animals by actual deed not fake persona.


We can all be ‘parents’ to those who seek the love.

We do more by opening our doors in a ‘true’ sense. To campaign – to seek our sisters and brothers on our doorstep and tell them they are not alone. Or we can hide behind a wall of self gratification of how much money we have in the ‘sordid’ banks and win pathetic media competitions.

Motherhood is a unity of all – regardless of conception. Motherhood is parenthood for which we are all responsible. We can all be womb when we open our doors. We can ALL nurture if that is what we so desire. No excuses, please. All life needs parents – find them.

Vote for Jeremy Corbyn on June 8th – There is little need in being divided. WE ARE ONE!

T. X

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