‘The Sordid Folk’ by Tiffany Belle Harper #Poem #Karma

Today’s vulgarities are notoriously shared with only cash and ego.

A hierarchy system of automation that thrives on not debate but control.

Where the most sordid take comfort in a mind cavern of constant darkness,

thriving only on public acclaim … for they have so little else … them … the sordid folk.

Do as they do and you’ll forebode in equal squalor of discontentment – bleakness.

Greed has no cycle, no beginning, no end. No light. There is only infinite darkness with those who speak most of self-glory.

Follow your arts, faith, passions. Love with no boundary. Walk only with light. There is nothing other than unconditional love to guide you.

Your spirit will never deceive you – first, be still, be quiet … listen to your inner voice. For it’s your own authentic opinion that can be trusted most. Where you find peace, joy in the elements. Never let another make you fearful of being free in thought or opinion. There are many cult seekers at play during these times. Walk Free. Turn away from manipulation and the assumption that soulless rooms and dated decor buy limitless respect. They don’t.

Success is a truth, a fairness that defines with accuracy – if not in this time now, another. This is karmic law and cannot be broken or challenged.

Meditation, prayer, tranquillity. However, you find an inner-peace stay with the light. For it’s only the divine that guides us. Let no man be your God.

Tiffany Belle Harper

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