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Updated: Feb 2

During a day of October 2018 - two hours after the bird had landed, I somehow bought the villa (on the other side of the street over to the right - number 30) after convincing the seller to take an instant offer before going to auction. And he agreed straight away. I sent across a 10% deposit and the same day had a sales agreement. Then I told my loved ones. Mixed opinion due to the fact I had signed a legally binding contract to buy a house I had not viewed. However, I didn’t exchange contracts and receive the keys until May 28th 2019. Since then, I have undergone the most extreme experiences imaginable. Belleva House, a labour of love is a community project where I recruited local support for renovation. It has not gone so well at times. But we persisted. Also, my son James has been with me (on and off) from the go. His skills leave a permanence of proudness with me. I have gone on to find fantastic plumbers and my electricians have been amazing since moving to Blackpool. Ryan and Jason who have plastered to perfection. Tony the roofer. Also, Mike and Simon who are still working away over Christmas and New Year. There’s always somebody at Belleva doing something to the place.

The villa had eleven guest rooms but currently there are seven (to create space and larger bathrooms) and three of them now have bathtubs. 'Why' you may ask ... Because it is my home and I prefer to bath. So, my point of action was/is to provide a home from home feel. This is quite rare for the smaller venues in town and some of the neighbours have asked if it’s going to be a swingers hotel. Well not asked, told everyone else before raising the subject with me directly … the assumption based on baths getting delivered to the hotel ... Yes, we are in Blackpool. The town where anything is acceptable … sadly, apart from me for a lot of the time. The group even got an ornate fence taken down by the council. The constant resentment sent me into a deep depression for a while, but nobody noticed, as I was too busy running the place I lease over the road to break even with the rent. Remember what we do during the busy months has to pay the bills when its quiet - so it is a case of constantly chasing our tails. But we do love it here on St Chads Road.

I like to ‘not quite’ fit in … The New York equivalent to America, a law to itself set on its own and completely different … And as for the baths my darlings, I will not be joining anyone for their water. As much as I believe we should live and accept all kinds of variety, Belleva is not is a swingers hotel. Everyone is different and each hotelier on the street has a story and their own taste. A great place for people watchers and that's what guests enjoy, to sit outside and watch the world go by and I love it myself, in fact, being nosey is how I got the place. It’s home for now and having the sea at the bottom of the road is beyond remarkable. I love quirky, nostalgic and a dose of healthy chaos.

I am happy to make each room perfectly delightful for your arrival and that is it from me, anything else is random, baking, music choice, mood. Belleva House ... home, heart, hotel.

Belleva House Blackpool is a non-intrusive Victorian Villa hotel located on St Chads Road. Full of gorgeous trinkets and opulent textiles – designed for your comfort and tranquillity. With a commitment to enhance your relationships, wellbeing and sense of worth. Where each room is uniquely designed creating its own 'boutique' magical sense of ambience and energy to make you feel truly harmonious in your space. Ideal for that special night away, a treat for mum and dad or a honeymoon experience - a love affair or the perfect gift for your partner. Hen and Stag Do’s welcome but do not come home legless and loud or you get locked out. Like I said, it is my home, and I don’t want sick on the stairs, faux tan all over my bedding and broken ornaments. I love good manners.

The house has been attuned to reiki and mantras and lots of my general chanty ways and each floor is full of crystals beneath which have also been cleansed with all the elements. There are free stones all over the place that I have squiggled on and artwork for sale. In fact … it is all for sale. If you want anything just ask for a quotation. I have used local suppliers or chain shops that are founded in The North and local charities. I would encourage you to support local business whilst here. In with the price, you get to meet the other hoteliers who are often outside their venues – there are some fab hotels on St Chad’s Road. On this street everyone hates someone, but we all fake it during high season. It is part of the entertainment. Joking apart, I 'hate' nobody and I have made some of the best friends I have ever had here and they’re never far away ... stay alert!

Belleva House ( a villa style boutique hotel) will be taking bookings for the future in the coming weeks. Also, lots of photographs of the place will be added to the site plus videos and 360 degree tours.

We will be blogging about local attractions, the hotel and rooms plus arts and crafts, baking, music and environmental issues.

So please bookmark us or join up to receive our newsletters and posts.

Belleva House. Home. Heart. Hotel.

30 St Chads Road Blackpool. A space for peace and tranquillity.

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Belleva House Blackpool

Home. Heart. Hotel.

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South Shore Soap Co hand made and hand poured soap and wax melts made with love in Blackpool. Dispatch UK.

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Belleva House is a boutique villa hotel located on St Chads Road Blackpool. 7 individually designed, elegant 'double' bedrooms - ideal for that peaceful, romantic getaway to a quirky, nostalgic seaside town. Each bedroom has a private bathroom or en-suite shower room. Your chosen room comes with a hamper of treats to enjoy during your stay - along with hot drinks, water, mints, fresh towels, eco toiletries, bath robes and most rooms have a mini fridge. Plus super fast inclusive WIFI, flat screen smart TV, movie channels and Alexa! Three of our luxurious bathrooms also have (bathroom friendly) wall mounted flat screen smart TV. There is a communal chill out lounge with free tea and coffee, magazines and books plus art and crafts for sale and a 'hot pot' of the day. All bookings are inclusive of a Mediterranean style breakfast.