The Night by The Secret Poetess

© The Secret Poetess

The dreamers come out at night to play amongst the stars.

Whilst the demons hide in corners, others in their cars.

Girls wander in the darkness, no older than you were,

Before you knew what love was, when love draped you in its fur.

Puddles lie in gutters with rainbows shining light.

Dip your foot in slowly in case you’re swallowed by the night.

Only poets know the darkness, the time before the dawn.

When love speaks truly – where sorrow is born.

A moment in the darkness, for a life of luminescence.

A night spent awake, for a chance to know your essence.

Sleep can only come for a poetess at dawn.

Even then her sleep can be light, forlorn.

Fret not all those that wander the sleepless valley of night.

It has its moments of deep joy… of desolate delight.

When you listen for the dawn, don’t run…

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