‘The Manipulator’ a duplicate of others guised as authenticity #ego #falsehood

How to spot a manipulator. This type of 3rd dimensional person will use others means to create a falsehood of identity, based on the populous of those less driven by a ‘need to be noticed’. The manipulators are not transparent yet their material/produce derives from those who are. A manipulator is a stalker – a watcher – not a keeper or friend – mimicking the better ways of others for ‘self’ acclaim. Repetitive traits – predictable. A pattern of worthlessness as though accomplishment. Yet behind closed doors a very different system. Often alcohol or drug based disillusion. Binging on a success driven by insincerity. A cycle of (self induced) manic depression hidden in smiles that don’t come from the eyes nor soul. A constant need to be validated by strangers with no regard to intimacy.

The 3rd dimensional don’t sleep well – should they dream with retribution – having a constant sense of ‘lack’ in most directions where little will ‘truly’ satisfy them. The manipulator’s burst of optimism is not consistent with how things ‘really’ are. Often only achieved in short whimsical moments of falsely acquired trophies based on the incentive and drive of others who actually ‘do’ better in all aspects. The manipulators are those we meet in our lives for a reason that is not beneficial to ‘self’ but more so them. Yet they are the ones that teach us better ways to walk our path of ‘authenticity’ not guised as their own – to rebel with love and a true sense of knowing. ‘A manipulator’ often seen as the highest merited, yet probably the most depressed. It’s true, empty vessels most noise. The universe misses nothing.

We can use our perception of success to become complete or to deform. Only one path will find true happiness.


Less is More.


photography by Tiffany Belle Harper