‘The Magnolia Fairies’ by Tiffany Belle Harper.

Who is to say ‘no fairies’ – for they’ve right to remain unconfirmed. That’s why they enchant the paradox parallels with numinous fable.

Unless you step on one. And most of us do. Then we wonder why our fate may decline for seemingly no valid rhyme nor reason.

They laugh … Pesky, diddy things. Glowing. Radiant. Trampled – yet bouncing back with each bad footstep we make. Their time being times nine.

Beware of forbidden forest corners for which have no place for those who doubt a fairy. Although whimsical, also grudge holders. I warn you.

Wipe your bare feet with burdock leaves or fallen petals from The Magnolia Tree in Spring – before you tread their territory.

You must take precaution not to spoil that which remains their level of our consciousness to awaken all that’s best kept a secret.

What would life be without the mysteries of ancient land dwellers? Here long before us. And probably long after. The Magnolia Fairies.



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