The lost stalkers in the 3rd dimension. We can rise above it. Less is More plus educational #video

The insipid relationship – that isn’t really one at all.

Two desperately depressed people shut away behind steel blinds at night because they’re too rich to really give a fuck.

A transpiration of media to deflect their own sense of ‘low’ self worth. They should be humbled they are forever more exposed.

You can’t buy into love. You can use your money to copy it, fake it, follow and impersonate the obvious. You will never win. I tell you that, because there is no battle. We are all in the moment. Join us. Let go of your ideas that a bank balance defines you. You paid into a system of telling people the world is depressed. That we are all foolish. That you are great. We realise your money is not a validation.

Tiffany Belle Harper.