The Kuc’s – Yorkshire Artists, Shamanic Crafts – Workshops #Video #Interview by Ti

Introducing Nel Kuc Wenek and Marcin Jaguar Kuc – Husband and wife who reside in a stunning nook of the Yorkshire Dales. On the edge of West Yorkshire amidst rambling, rustical countryside, un-spoilt by progress you will find Addingham Moorside. Miles upon miles of breath-taking Yorkshire scenery. Sheep roaming freely. Horses grazing on abundant land. Breath taking views and crisp, fresh air.

Nel and Marcin live an ‘Eco friendly’ lifestyle with their two children. Set in a farm environment they enjoy the simplest things to include a supply of stream water in replacement of recycled water at a cost. They’ve a vegetable patch where they implement a vegan diet with freshly grown produce, not to mention roaring open fires.

The Kuc’s now have workshop space where they indulge their own crafts together with having facilities for those sharing alternative artistry and vision during get together’s amidst their idyllic settings and space.

Whilst chatting I could hear the creaks of nature working with their space as the wind rocked the static dwelling. Rain hitting the roof. Acres of open land providing the most panoramic views of the natural environment. Simply charming …

Marcin’s space is a wooden outbuilding attached to the static dwelling. It reminds me of The Hobbit scenario. It could have been centuries before, yet still not looked or felt any different. Man made tools. A chi-manga fire. Twigs and bark hanging from the rafter, ready to create shamanic instruments for those who’ve discovered the magic of his skillful craftsmanship.


I myself recently commissioned my own shamanic rattle. It just appealed. I spotted one online via Facebook Marcin had crafted for another, where I immediately decided I should have one too. All of Marcin’s crafts are made to order.

Marcin telling me, ‘ I like to feel and engage with the customer … I sense their energy, then I work to create something especially for them.’

Marcin currently crafts shamanic rattles and drums. There’s something so very primitive and grounding about having our own instruments to make or enhance music. It’s a great way to bond and connect with our true origin. With the earth, sky, the elements. Sound is an important part of those vibrations of connection. I do feel sad that with technology many of us have become somewhat ignorant to our sense of oneness with nature.

That’s why I felt so compelled to visit the Kuc’s and present their journey to others, as people such as these are so hard to come by in general terms.

Hidden away in Yorkshire up in the hills living lives of conservation and gratitude. Making good use of all things natural.

After a beautiful supper of roasted vegetables and fresh salad leaves grown from the garden. Nel Kuc Wenek showed me her newly acquired space. They’ve taken over an outbuilding near their home where they offer ‘guests’ and ‘workshop hosts’ the opportunity to get involved.


This is also where Nayamoon Art (Nel’s artwork) is created. Nel fascinates me. She’s the most beautiful Goddess, inside and out. Nel draws (channels) from her intuition in such detail. I’ve not seen anything quite like it. I discovered Nel a while ago when a mutual friend introduced us. I was taken to her home to see the paintings for which I’d heard so much.

For the first moments of viewing her visionary art pieces, I was silent. It’s impossible to describe what Nel produces from this imagery she creates (mostly) at night. Nel telling me she works best with the moon light and sometimes when she wakes the next day – she herself is surprised by what her journey into the galactic hemisphere manifested.


Nel began to work in a shamanic way, with the ground, Earth, Mother Nature but with time and consistency now works on star levels too. Creating impressions of her vision that go way beyond life as ‘many’ of us perceive?

Such colour and vivid detail. Incorporating sacred geometry with animals, embellishments and divine archetypes. I just don’t know how any of her work could have the right monetary value, as to me, they’re priceless.

Nayamoon Art are available for commissions. Also providing an affordable range of prints, cards and tapestries. By looking at Nel’s work some will resonate more than others. I suppose it’s just a case of what colours, impressions and messages jump out at you. Whilst my focus tends to be drawn to animals – for others it could be fertility or ascension. Or maybe symbols, colours and perspective will appeal more to your eye?

I’m honoured to have experienced the opportunity to speak with both Nel and Marcin about their passions, where I’ve created a short film about each of them. You’ll see for yourself their individual charisma and dedication for what they do. They compliment one another perfectly and are leading what I can only describe as the perfect life for love. A love of all things natural and of course, one another. A balance the modern world can all too often over look.

I’m soon attending one of their workshops hosted by two artists who originate from Poland. I’m keen to see whether I do actually have any painting skills or is it wishful thinking? I’d love to expand the more tangible side of my connection with elements. We shall see and I’ll keep you posted.

I asked for a journey and I’m certainly on it. I do feel that Yorkshire is sometimes a ‘forgotten’ part of our world that waits to be explored … by me, for you!

I’d like to thank Marcin Jaguar Kuc and Nel Kuc Wenek for their warm and sincere hospitality. Plus, dear son ‘Nathaniel’ aged 2 for picking me a radish from the garden and being a great host, also!


Peace … Namaste.

Tiffany Belle Harper

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