‘The girl in the cotton gown’

The moonlight caught her breast as she sat near the window in a white cotton gown – adorned with the softest lace. Her child nourished, content … all silent, apart from the distant sound of fish oxidating from the surface of the ovalur, greeny blue pond, then, the feint rustle of perennial fern trees and fine branches creaking, gently in the breeze – just after sunset. It was as though they were dancing for her …The girl in the cotton gown.

She sent love to the stars whilst her child slept softly, still, in her arms … rocking, gently, slowly. A majestic vision of empathy and inclusion for all, reflected in her eyes as she gazed at the meadow, curvy hill tops and pastel clouds before her.

Candles burn incense- ‘essence of history’ – entwined in light, as shadows on the bare brick wall danced for the night, inspiring her dreams for tomorrow. For every flicker belonged to her, she is love.

The girl in the cotton gown.

Candles, many more – lavender, frankincense – geranium – placed alongside the crispest cotton you ever did see. For all that was natural gave her the purest energy, freshly delivered from angels.

Then, the next year they returned to almost the same place. He played Beethoven whilst holding their child safely, as she sat on his knee – they were laughing, scribbling, playing with words and colour – whilst she fed the baby on a linen soft boudoir chair – near the window, over looking the lake. The girl in the cotton gown – ever evolving with love and radiance. She is a healer and so they are, will be and can. For that is what love does.

I would truly die, rather than let anyone hurt them. Family is transmission, love, infinite. It is beautiful and pure. Why would anyone want to unduly harm such beauty with hateful words, jealousy and malice. Yet we must forgive as one. For many others know not what they do. We can make them better. We can send them love. Love is for all – love is one. You are beautiful. The girl in the cotton gown. 

We are healers … it is quiet, still, no effort – love works for us. Let the world hear good words, do good deeds – rejoice in all new life, eternally, like – the girl in the cotton gown.


Tiffy. X