The Anorak and #DogBus Project – Saving healthy strays from Council Pounds UK

I’ve some posh jackets. Got posh wellies too – plus, a couple of pairs of ‘high end’ trainers. But of all my casual attire, there’s only one true love and that’s my anorak. The more I wear it – the more I adore it – a second skin. I will never find another like it.


Please support The DogBus Appeal saving healthy strays and abandoned pets from death in Council Pounds. People are being rather mean by not donating. I said to Kris today, ‘do you think it’s because I am helping with it?’ She told me no. Oh well … we are going to work in our communities where our friends and family are involved, seems to be where the charity is coming from for this appeal … so far. If me and Kris got £1 for every animal we’ve helped save throughout our lives, we’d have a fleet of vans by now. But sadly, the world is not fair.

Tiffany. X

DogBus Website