The Alternative ‘If’… by a darling #GuestBlog

© The Secret Poetess

If your head is lost…

And those around you count the cost.

If trust has gone the way of hope,

Dangling on the hangman’s rope.

If you have waited far too long,

Listening to that ‘musac’ song,

Or twiddling thumbs, for twiddling’s sake,

And got mixed up by the mess you make.

If your dreams mean nothing,

For you know that’s true.

If you dare to dream,

When you’re black & blue.

If dreams are built on the bleakest night,

Or nightmares come to give you fright.

And all their truth is evil spite.

If winning is your only way,

And losing is the price you pay…

If you wager all you own,

And do it, when the love has flown.

If crowds encroach upon your peace,

Or loneliness is sweet release.

If family treat you more like foe,

If you are always the last to know.

With a minute…

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