Ten Rules of ‘Fake Fame’ Perpetrator and Victim by Tiffany Belle Harper

The Perpetrator:-

  1. Denial of depression and obsession

  2. See even the good as ‘just’ opportunity

  3. Steal ideas and context with no shame

  4. Compete without conscience

  5. See money as religion

  6. Sacrifice consciousness

  7. Create false self instigated PR campaigns

  8. Deny soulful acts unless beneficial to self

  9. Crave delight with mainstream persona

  10. Live, sleep, breath ego and narcissism

The Victim:-

  1. Niave and giving with good intent

  2. Open hearted with pure thought

  3. Appear trusting and foolish to the egotistical

  4. Love openly as religion

  5. Often lacking self confidence

  6. Dislike lies and insincerity

  7. Live humbly or with wealth equally

  8. Expect little by return or condition

  9. An understanding of mind, body, soul

  10. Believe in kindness and unity in all

But I suppose this depends on conscience and what happens when we unite once more with the boundless energy of universal guidance. Who really is the ‘victim?’ Because to me, he who does not come from love will struggle to rise with only deceit as his wings. So for any who are being drained of the negative, stand above it. Rise only with your skills from a place of truth, clarity and absolute love. Fight for your causes with the passion of light and fight hard. Turn your back on the stagnant that attaches itself to you. Love is everything. It does not require as much as we think. For all that we do is being recorded in the halls of much more than this. From every aspect of who we are and who we were and of course, who we will be.

Please, choose your friends wisely for they may not be with your best interest as you are them.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

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