Sunday cooking … roaming #diary

Ideal Sunday. I often struggle with routine, however most Sundays, I have one! I love watching cookery shows on TV. Food is a great way to bring people together and I love the ease of ‘often’ seeing cooks visit different parts of the world then use basic ingredients to craft delicious dishes. I sometimes cook while I watch and replace ingredients with whatever I can find. It can be hit and miss, but … it’s the taking part that counts. (Today I’ve made pea and pepper soup.)

Then … around lunch time I get the doggies in the car and find somewhere beautiful to visit where they have a run around with nature. Ideally, a quaint village with impressive features, for instance, turrets and well kept flower beds – oh I miss the sea, though … it calls. Sundays, I try to let go of the week gone by and think of what it is I need to get done for coming days.

Less is More. Whose planning, it’s nice to travel with the eb of love calling for new adventures ahead … come!