strength for me #diary

This year, I’ve been let down terribly. More so, a very special little girl – rejection is a dreadful thing. But we have to remind ourselves for all closed doors and pain there are new chapters in our lives. New beginnings. We cannot hide behind our security hoping our challenges will go away. It doesn’t work like that. Thriving from others highs and lows is not moral practice. We have to get out there and take care of all the love and try to never stop sharing. Even if we ‘at times’ attract the negative – it is better than being silenced. We all have our own journey going on.


To show empathy – to never wish ill intent on any other. Life really is sweet. I am at a busy time with mine. It is sometimes as though I am juggling with stones. I have realised we should never expect others to treat us with the same grace. To love unconditionally without assumption – desire or a need for validation. I am excited about my future. I have a new venture that is something I have always wanted. Something for me and I am doing it right – with good people around me. I am really proud of myself. I’m just getting on with it. Wish me luck, please.

I Love You. Tiff. X