social media and dignity #diary

Hello. Bit of a nightmare, I am afraid someone has been using my Instagram, Twitter and Spotify accounts. I am unable to login to any of them at the moment and have spent the afternoon trying to sort it out. It’s just one of those things. I am in the process of moving so probably won’t be online too much for the coming months. Also, I am changing the name of my book and I have my own pen name as I want a quiet life. I am a free thinker that prefers to get on with my business in peace – less drama and nastiness. Less is always more and love is always the answer. It’s important we see and hear our artists out there doing wonderful things. I like to watch and of course, I will see you so soon! I love to read blogs. Each of us has a voice to use as loudly or personally as we wish. And as for being in the work place, I urge you to join a union. A union is there to help you get through difficult times and be heard in your own fields – giving you back some of the dignity you deserve.


Tiff. X

#Diary #memoirs