Smudging Wand #Lavender American #Cedar all the way from Hamburg #Holistic #Cleansing

I usually use White Sage Wands for smudging but fancied something different. Two of my favourite scents. Lavender combined with American Cedar. It’s in a lovely rustic package with a handwritten card.

Smudging is ideal for refreshing and cleansing space. Clearing negativity and revitalising energy. You burn it and smudge any area you wish. I light mine for a few seconds only. They have plenty of life if you use them wisely.

(For grown ups only – they are a fire hazard, by the way …)


Hand-made with love all the way from Hamburg.

Can’t wait to use this on the sacred space in Wales!

You can find these on Amazon here Smudging Wands.


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