Rejoice in your Authentic ‘self’

You will know when you are awake when:-

Your sleep pattern becomes less important to you.

You fear less having your ‘own’ individual voice.

The suffering of other sentients makes it personal.

You notice signs and symbols in hidden places.

Junk and processed foods become less appealing.

You find yourself thirsty for colder, natural water based drinks.

Your interest in mainstream subjects decreases.

You may experience a sense of confusion or feeling you don’t fit in.

You will feel more strongly about injustice and cruelty.


When you are in receipt of the above,don’t feel alone, depressed or isolated, you are working for the highest order. You are a light-worker. Just go with it. Adhere to music, nature and all things positive. Most importantly do not fear darkness, for there is only weakness and hate in the worthless. It’s insignificant. Laugh at it, defeat it. We can’t enjoy light until we’ve experienced shadows. Try to surround yourself with the like-minded. Slow down and you will begin to meet new people, maybe for a moment, or a life-time.

Less is More. Love is Everything!


Tiffany Belle Harper.