Pottering with herbs #diary should be writing (confidence snitch)

Today’s good. I’ve put a T-Shirt on. Beating myself up as my grammar isn’t the best. Imagination good though. You can have one without the other. Nothing’s set in stone. However, today I’ve spent a long while trying to find inverted commas on my keyboard. There aren’t any proper ones! They all come out in the same direction. I Googled it. There’s no solution?

I’ve been to get some fresh, free-range eggs from a landowner. I’ve also decided to re-pot the basil I bought from a local shop and the parsley. I put that in with a climber outside. Basil likes the warmth whereas parsley is hardy (fingers crossed.)

2010-12-31 23.00.00-250.jpg

Waiting for a tradesmen to look at the shower. It keeps going hot then cold. I don’t mind much but would rather it got sorted for when it gets colder outside. Can’t say I’m homesick as would have to decide for which home. Just going with it …

T. X

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