Petition to Ban the Use of Horses in Bullfighting #GuestBlog #AnimalRights

Tuesday's Horse

It is shocking that in the modern world the barbaric sport of bullfighting is still considered “entertainment.”

Thankfully, many people no longer see it that way and as a result the industry is slowly dying. Yet worldwide approximately 250,000 bulls are killed every year in bullfights.

Last year, Madrid dealt a huge blow to the industry by ending the $66,000 subsidy that fueled a matador school, Marical Lalanda Academy.

More recently, Colombia moved to bring back bullfighting for the first time in four years, but thanks to massive protests it was decided that the sport may violate laws regarding the mistreatment of animals.

Animal activists lie on the ground during a protest against bullfighting in Colombia. © India Today.

Unfortunately, even though the times are changing bullfighting still happens, and although most understand the suffering a bull endures in this cruel gladiatorial sport, many are unaware of what the…

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