Overcomer by Hannah Spangler. For everyone who was or is feeling fed up. You are not alone. Love is

I would like to thank the person that shared this this video with me. I feel very humble. I too have felt like this on occasions and we need to share these moments. This is how being bullied feels, regardless of age or outward courage, it is an awful transition. Or sometimes we may simply be fed up but not have a specific reason why? Or maybe social media is controlling your emotions. It need not be that way. There are people in our communities who feel the same and are waiting to meet you.

Please remember, the kindest hearts feel most pain. But we can help and love one another. Reach out and take a hand. Smile at strangers. Take time to listen. This video by Hannah Spangler is beautiful and I hope it reaches the hearts of the many millions of people around the world who may feel alone at some point.

I hope one day people can use the internet to enjoy and not worry about likes and shares because the real world is very beautiful. It is all about balance. I believe there is love available to everyone who seeks it. And kind acts come back tenfold. Thank you again for sharing this with me and I hope to see you soon. TBH©

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