Osha, a very brave dog and Todd’s Welfare Society by Tiffany Belle Harper

I met my friend ‘Romana’ today from ‘Todd’s Welfare Society.’ There’s hundreds upon hundreds of fabulous rescues around the world. Sometimes we get it wrong but not very often. We have to take blind leaps otherwise animal rescue would never progress. Rescues rely on volunteers both on and off line.

In the case of Todd’s Welfare Society I am truly over-whelmed by their story. Such a sincere devoted small team of volunteers in Lahore – Pakistan.


That is until now. I really want to get behind Todd’s Welfare Society. (So I hope you will support me …) I was moved by an image of a dog named ‘Osha’ who was hit in the face with an axe by a butcher as she went to his back door to try to find food. She was starving. It must have broken her heart. She nearly died but she was rescued by Todd’s Welfare Society. I cannot say where she is now, but she is as safe as she can be.


There’s more news on it too but I will divulge this later on. Todd’s Welfare Society are going to raise funds for their very own sanctuary in Lahore. In stages and will be relying on public donations. I am going to get behind this. All of the donations are non-profit. Meaning that nobody in the organisation gets paid a penny. Every single amount goes directly to the sanctuary and current foster homing of the cats and dogs. Romana herself being in receipt of animals rescued from Lahore.

I would never work with a charity or cause without first meeting up with a member or members of that team. Subsequently digging deeper, observing, asking questions. With experience


So really this blog is to just get my friends used to hearing about Todd’s Welfare Society as I will be bringing lots more news and also helping Romana with a blog and whatever else I can do. I’d like to thank Romana for lunch today and daughter for being so lovely. I feel like part of your family already Romana! Humble, kind, people who sincerely love animals as much as me. We even had a few tears together whilst discussing the cats and dogs. Osha’s tale in particular resonated with me as I once was hit in the face and head. I nearly lost my life at the end of 2009. Animal or person there is no difference with acts of violence. Not to me anyway. Cruelty is cruelty. Many animal abusers go on to hurt children and women, in particular.


When I saw a photo of Osha, I just knew this was a start of a new journey. That I had to do more. It’s my new passion and I feel at home. It will be nice to feel appreciated for what I can offer and reciprocate that back to these wonderful people. They work simply and humbly giving their full attention and donations directly to the street cats and dogs that are in need of welfare protection.

Animal work can be very lonely for me sometimes and I often feel frustrated that I can’t do more. So I suppose the answer to that is getting out there on the ground, no matter where that takes me. Being on Twitter etc, you rely on re-tweets and that’s so damaging for self confidence at times. There seems to be a pecking order. No smaller rescues should feel that wrath.

Find them on Facebook Here providing other links to how you can donate, keep up to date and get involved.

Tiffany X