nesting until Spring

I think, each year between now and Spring, I nest. I’ve been creative. Most times when I go out, I find things to bring home (wherever I am dwelling). I love my new pink chair which I spotted in a charity shop. It was only £3. The terracotta lady on the window ledge, I found on top of a dustbin a couple of years ago, outside the chip shop. I was having an awful day and lost direction. Pulled over for a bag of chips. Then just saw her there. Less is More.

I am also crafting. I used to do this many years ago but somehow lost my mojo. It’s back and I have never felt so fulfilled. I am creating hampers. I have sourced lots of vintage things and pretty little treats. Will show you when I have finished my first one!

Boom …

I hope everyone is having a really beneficial and lovingly rewarding week too.

Love Tiffy. X

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