Nature in the house – it’s George!

Just had a call from Mum! Their house is now moth festered. They’re eating the chairs and the carpet.

There’s a robin getting in to mine and Mum’s bedroom and pooping on the wall. They don’t know how it’s getting in.

There’s still the blue-tit going in to the kitchen and leaving junk on the window ledge.

There’s a colony of ladybirds in Dad’s bedroom.

Now this is becoming very suspect #George … I just know it’s him! I took a photo of the robin poo on the wall am trying to find it. When I go there I shall make a video of them all. Oh and also there is a wren going in the lounge.

Before George died he said he’d have the birds singing. This is a miracle! I seriously promise to film it. I like to prove there is love everywhere!

T x

ps thanks to my FB friends and text messages/emails for beautiful Foley. Am going to hide away until he is back on his feet!