Mynydd Epynt Mountain #Powys #Wales #diary contemplative – freedom plus #video

I guess we all have days of self-loathing. I woke up in one of them. I don’t like myself when I feel angry by social injustice. It’s better to find resolve and peace within. I am however, hugely protective of friends and family. I’m passionate (which is not always ideal) and I wear my heart on my sleeve. It does get me into trouble but I’m very happy when enjoying my own space. 

I decided to step back from my book as I begun to drabble on. It wasn’t going anywhere (for today). So, went off exploring and found myself at the top of Mynydd Epynt Mountain. I wept – it was so very gorgeous. Magnificent. Dips and curves within valleys – as though I could see the entirety of Earth from one perspective. Small towns and little villages dotted amongst such stunningly enchanted landscape.  

I often feel irritated as I can’t find words to designate toward the exquisiteness before me. Therefore – I’m grateful to my camera that still hasn’t done this spectacularly perfect landscape the righteousness it so deserves. 


Thank You Mother Nature 


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