My sons fabulous project and the sacred Babu #diary

My son bought a street pub a couple of years ago where he’s converting it back to a house and an apartment. He’s designed it all himself and used salvaged materials where possible. This creates a unique and rustic finish. He took the place back to its shell and at first we thought it would not be possible due to council red tape and aggravation from planning officers. But it’s all coming together. I am loving the warehouse/factory feel. Love the lighting in particular and the swivel kitchen stools. It’s like a Tardis.

It’s a huge space and will take a while to finish. He’s not rushing this and putting all his creative passion into the project. Cannot wait to see the finished pad!

He’s used an old window sill for the step. A piece of salvaged timber for the fire mantle.

He’s turned the out building into a ‘retro’ games room.

The open living space first stage. There’s the same size again on the other side of the wall.

The garden is just beautiful. So much love and attention to nature mixed with nostalgia.

A real labour of love am so proud of him! I had rushed over to tell him about my tent but felt rather in awe having seen the progress he’s made with the place. There’s also an upstairs he will be converting. It looked tiny as a pub yet it’s got so much space. It just shows what we can do against so many odds and on a budget.

Anyway, we’re all delighted with Babu. It’s actually huge and we will need a load more cushions and we’ve got some American Twist pile carpet to fit tomorrow. I have also been experimenting with recipes for our new gatherings. I hope everyone has had the most wonderful week. I am going now to try the apple crumble I just made with apples from the garden.

TBH (Mum.) X

#diy #renovation