my religion is simple

When we look at the internet and watch the mainstream news then peep at the tabloids in shops, life can become very complicated.

When we ignore all of it and focus only on what we have around us and how we can improve – life becomes very simple and easy to manage – enabling us to love those that need us in our homes and hearts.

When we stand still and feel the love in our heart – no matter where in the world it is. We have everything. Less is More. Love is the Answer. I am much happier when I am not on the internet. I do like to blog as it keeps me sane – it’s my blueprint. But I don’t need to be anywhere else. Music makes me happy that and good food, my friends and sons and all the animals. I love men too. All of them. I have Muslim friends, gay ones as well. All of them respect me as I do them. None of them imply they wish to touch or hurt me. We’re all friends. Having sons has made me humble. Men are not all bad. They shouldn’t fight one another. It is effecting the status quo of nature. And any man who bullies women is not worthy of respect. Any woman who encourages that man is filth in my eyes, women need to stand together – not drive others apart.

To bully on any level is a form of self denial – bullies require attention. They need a reaction. Ignore them. Like I always say, learn from it and get on with your life. For what is on your doorstep and in your soul is perfect and you will be happier knowing this. Perpetual competitions have no ultimate reward.

If you’re good at what you do, the right energy will find you. The like-minded help one another in ways that are beautiful – going beyond platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. They’re not real. There’s too many people pretending to be someone else on there. How can that be right? Cowards hiding behind silhouettes. Fake fan accounts and people who abuse one another in the most indirect ways. What a way to carry on … sigh.

Time for a cup of tea and a slice of malt loaf with real butter on the top. My treat for today – I shall appreciate each mouthful and sip. You can’t break a good soul. It only makes us stronger. Have a lovely week. I will be back in the autumn as I’ve lots to be getting on with. You’re welcome.



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