My friend Melissa – ‘The Smile Fund.’ Please kindly read this post #fundraising

I would be really grateful if you would keep an eye out for my next blog post – as, later I am bringing you my little fundraiser for this festive season and I only really have my blog as a platform due to time and balance in the real world. I have a little friend in the UK named Melissa who suffers with Angelman Syndrome and I have just finished making a hamper to raise a few pennies for the cause that I believe is very important for all who suffer with this. I want to thank Melissa’s mummy Kathy and her family for being so committed to this. It really is beautiful to see a family coming together.


Although it is a UK raffle due to postage – anyone around the world can donate directly the GoFundMe Page for Melissa. I don’t want any more presents. I have enough and people have been very kind but I would love you to please make a donation to Melissa if you are by any means able? I won’t be long – just putting all the information together. So, if you are in the UK …  you can try to win the raffle prizes – or, outside the UK, you can learn more and make a donation by visiting the link below.

You can read all about Melissa here The Smile Team. Tiff. X

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