Merry Xmas

Have a very festive week for Xmas. I know it’s not easy for the sensitive as there is all this hardship in the world. Yet, really there always has been – it is just with so many outlets of communication we are ever more exposed to the cruelness. Yet it also gives us the ability to change things where we can. I suppose it’s balance.

These dark winter nights in Yorkshire are tough as some days there’s hardly any daylight at all and I do find it draining.

For 2017 there’s a few things I want to do so I need time to get on with my personal writing. I also have a renovation project. So I am having a break from social media i.e, Twitter. I run a few accounts with friends to support animal causes. I have my own timeline too that becomes a hub for all of it.

To be honest when I go on there it can become a day. A day when I should be getting on with my own world. I will see everyone in the New Year. Bye for Now!


Tiff X.