Massive Attack – Blue Lines Mix Master 2012 – Playlist (YouTube) Trip Hop (Jazzy funky &

I am doing some techy things, with the animals slumbered all around me, snoring, twitching chilling fluffy balls of harmonious souls. Filled a skip this week. Adjusting to new mood tones with the brighter skies. February always being so cold. We need ‘cold’. We don’t want the ice caps melting any further. And I do not have or want a TV or Alexa right now.

Share with me some Massive Attack. The heart of music gone by to this day. Trip Hop or ‘New Age’ what ever – it’s soul food to me for so many reasons that are here to stay. This album is full of spirit and tones to make you feel earthy, complete and willing to run around naked or dance in your jim-jams (pyjamas). I am going to post more of my all time favourite music. I am in favour of music that does not make me feel fed up or concerned with life. A lot of my best tunes remind me of bringing up my boys. Or going to all night gigs. So many nostalgic memories. Where does time go? But you are still here and I.L.U. muah!

Tiffany Belle Harper. X

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