March 29th 2019

Yesterday at noon … was a big milestone for me and my family. After a very tough year, but also one of my best, a gorgeous Victorian villa became mine. I feel humble. I have worked so hard and lost so much but I feel of value to you all today. I hope I don’t let myself or the people close to my heart down. It is a miracle. I never believed I could do this. I would rather tell you all about it when I have started the renovation. It is a real labour of love.

We all need a worry monster and fortunately I have a very patient one. I don’t know how he puts up with me but he does. I tell him everything and he knows that magic is real.

Thank you …

There’s a squirrel on your keyboard and a parasol in your hat. The world could not be without you darling. I struggle sharing you. Sorry.

Tiffany. X