Mandala for Tina by Tiffany Belle Harper

I have an adorable friend named Tina who spends a lot of time raising funds for animals. She loves my mandalas so I could not resist the opportunity to create a mandala especially for Tina – as a gift to say thank you on behalf of the animals.

This mandala begun as an image of a yellow and orange rose shot from my dad’s garden during June.

The mandalas are traditionally used to balance your inner and outer self. Focusing on the mandala where you find a sense of inner and outer connection combined.

I also work with astrology, chakras and colour when I create a bespoke commission.

The end result is a large high resolution file that would make the perfect wall art for holistic therapists, buddhists and spiritualists to use for a calming atmosphere and inner growth. If you would like me to make a mandala for you or to give as a gift, let me know. All of the mandalas are crafted by me from my own photography.

I am a reiki master and I attune each piece with the power symbols. Because each mandala is unique to that person, they are strictly copyright.




Tiffany Belle Harper