Little Update, love Tiffy x

I hope you all had a great Easter break. Thanks for the people who’ve got in touch regarding BellEvaUK. It’s a little website for those who started out like me -to get together and have a community point to share art, music, news and blogs etc.

However, due to a property project I am not going to find much time between now and summer to put my ‘all’ in to it. I’ve still been online. Mainly on YouTube building play lists of music to keep me going with the paint brush. I’ve been popping on and off here and media to see what my friends are up to.

I had an operation on my jaw on February 3rd. I was told to take it real easy for a few months. However just a few days after, I was cleaning and emptying my apartment in Warwick for the new owner. I’ve had the place for a few years. It was tenanted and looked after itself. But as the tenants left I decided to sell it. There’s not a lot of equity there but it’s part of letting go of the past.

It would be fair to say I’ve had a rubbish solicitor and what should have taken a few weeks to complete is now into its third month. I would advise anybody who purchases a leasehold property (most multi-apartment blocks are) to check the fine print. They’re not the easiest things to get rid of. Then much to my dismay, I discover somebody going way back to 2007 took a loan out against the property. This really did throw me into a pickle. It’s all getting resolved but talk about red tape …

Amidst all of this I sadly lost a close relative. It’s true that ‘sometimes’ everything seems to come at once, doesn’t it!

But apart from that all is good. I am going away for a couple of days later in the month with Wetnose Animal Aid. It will be heart rendering at times – but good to spend time with Andrea. I will let you know more during our trip.

I’m off to Warwick next week. It’s great to have the lighter nights back. The winters are too long. Have a nice weekend.

Tiffany x

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