Little Love Flowers by Tiffany Belle Harper

Love comes in so many forms and often when we least expect. Yet the hardest part is to find the place where it belongs, so that it can subsist and grow. Love is something we should never take for granted because one day it could just go.


Love is to be neutered and fed like little flowers, seeking the sunshine in a meadow full of nature and tranquillity. Love can take us to new places that we never imagined possible. It can put us in lights and hold us nearer to rainbows and sparkle morning dew from grass blades as they feed from the soily ground.

Love is boundless, timeless and infinitive.

Yet it starts ‘for us’ in a worldly way where we find ways to enrich what it is, our soul so desires, before all else and make the change. Make way for love…

Somebody may need to know they are loved. You may want to know you are in receipt? Love starts with friendship and ends with friendship. As ultimately all else is a bonus.

Don’t let love slip away from your grasp. It’s all you’ll ever ‘truly’ have.

Love can make us happy, melancholy, fearful and blind. Yet love can make us great.

Those that shine on the highest pedestals, do so with love.  Don’t misplace it with the wrong ‘one.’ Open your heart and you will be guided to your destination. The road may be tall but the rewards pure and unconditional as you shine together in ways you never dreamed possible.

Phone, send flowers, a card, write a poem. Let ‘love’ not be ignored. Be valiant with your heart, for it serves you unconditionally through all obstacles that develop your path of ‘here.’

Love is Everything.

Tiffany Belle Harper


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