‘ Lessons ‘ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Life’s a funny old thing. We must know that people may come into our world unexpectedly and leave the same. Often they have the greatest gift.

We learn, we exchange, we thank, we part. We never forget.

For life is a lesson – a blend of all good and bad – yes … there will be mistakes. We learn most by these.

We should use our fondest memories to share love. To forgive, forget and evolve as individuals. To sparkle in our communities. Indeed to turn up, to participate is to shine most vividly.

Less is more. Look out for the quiet people as that’s where you’ll most likely find your next adventures.

Broken hearts heal. Our darkest moments make us stronger. Follow your dreams and remember the last person you think of at night is the one you’ll talk with whilst you sleep. As the moon caresses your spirit for brighter days.

Don’t let anyone make you feel you’re not good enough. Avoid ego, be humble. Most importantly never expect to be appreciated or rewarded. The bigger picture does not miss a thing. So don’t forebode. We’re all loved as much as we are noticed for the good we do. So we must forgive those who cause us pain, they need help most.

Give wishes freely – expect none by return. For magic finds us all, when we believe. Love, gestures and goodwill hide in the most unlikely of nooks and caverns. Slow down … dance with fairies,  ride with lost kings. Let your imagination enjoy the freedom of the unknown.

Tiffany Belle Harper.