Less is More.

Nobody is ever alone. We can all reach out and find love. Love is beautiful. We can connect with love on all levels. As soon as we move away from what does not make us content, something else will replace it. Something much, much better. It is hard to comprehend that adults really do believe their existence depends upon the validation of strangers. It really, does not. We’re all strangers. We’re all unique and beautiful. Ego our enemy. Less is More.

It is a case of doing what we love. Being kind. Hearing people. Telling them you care. Jealousy is a worthless emotion. Share those you admire. Sharing is what the world needs. To care, share and be with nature always in our hearts, even when surrounded by concrete, we can find flowers. Sharing works in many ways and sharing can be done as silently as it is bold. Smiling is sharing. Baking for a neighbour. Making time for someone who has nobody to talk with. I will talk with anyone. I will always make time. I really will. I am here and I can hear everything. TBH©

#depression #empathy #hope #love