Leeds Cyclist RIP from a coffee shop – daydreaming #diary

Last night my mum discovered the moth flying around her tv room has been eating her chair. Today she decided to re-upholster it. My agenda slightly different. Want to get on with writing. I’ve more time than usual as I’m waiting to get back to Leeds next week!

So … I’ve snuck off to a coffee shop in Leamington Spa where I’m currently sitting in the window, absorbing people – culture. I love time alone – fly on the wall. Being lost in a world where there’s variety, diversity, chat – traffic hums. I often wonder when people walk fast whether they’re trying to look important. Why does sauntering deem itself untrendy?

Got stuck into a bowl of mussels. I don’t eat meat – do fish now and again. I don’t have to justify – I just listen to my soul food.

Received call from Leeds. Sad news. A cyclist got hit by a car out of control – now dead. Head and legs not in tact. It was messy … Tragic.

I’ve been saying for years there’re no adequate lanes for cyclists on the Kirkstall Road. Something really needs to be done about this. Cyclists are not second class citizens. They’re taking a healthier option. Many too, can’t afford cars. Some person going to work today never arrived. I send love.

I’ve been lost without my camera. It’s not flashy but I’m used to it. I get the result I want. I’m not technically knowledgeable about software but I have a creative eye. I tried to photograph some soup and I think the lens got steamed up beyond repair. I don’t think we’re supposed to stick them in saucepans on the boil …?

Found specialist shop – they’ve got me a replacement lens at £139.00 – maybe time to think about a new camera – I shall ponder. I am building quite a collection of gadgets. My load is heavy. I’ve now got an iPhone too, but – it’s not the same as my camera. Despite my nomadic impression, I am a creature of habit. I stick with what works well for me.

Time to crack on – I’ve a coffee to finish then some writing. I wanted to video the Xmas lights but I’ve forgot my video camera! aaahh!

The photo I’ve attached is of a previous adventure in Banbury. I am on my Chromebook so have limited files.

Thoughts right now with friends and family of Leeds cyclist. I will light a candle later and have a few moments. We must all consider cyclists as much as any other person using the road.

Tiffany X

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