Justice for Famous BORKO dog Guest Blog

Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose first went to visit Borko dog in 2013: 

My name is Borko I lived a sad life as a stray in my homeland of Bulgaria. Borko and the other strays are looked upon as vermin, so we are abused and neglected. When I was a little puppy, a mob of villagers attacked me, and I was beaten so very badly. They snapped my spine, and I was paralysed….

I had given up all hope, when a kind family took me in, and looked after me. They help me by making sure I am safe and cared for. I have to now wear nappies, due to my spinal problem, and I cannot walk on my back legs, so I get about by hopping…The kind Dr Georgi Litov and his family have taken in someother strays, so I now have some friends for company. Recently, I was attacked…

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