It will all be alright – I am here. Keep it personal. Keep it together. Go and rest.

Losing a friend is heart-breaking. We realise we can no longer hug them or look into their eyes – smell their perfume or aftershave. We can no longer do what we were so familiar with. But we must know, life to the soul journey is purely transitional – love never dies. In fact – it becomes stronger as we adjust to trust and hold our faith – it is infinite. Life is short we need to be at one in our circles of love – There’s no time for worry and fear. As we get older we concern ourselves less with the restrictions of walls and barriers. It will all be okay. I promise.


For there is love in abundance right here – now with you – and you are never alone. I wrap my arms and soul around your entirety – giving you protection like no other. So sleep, rest. You are loved. A quiet day – in the light. Look no longer where there is no service to Angels. Look above. Buy flowers – memories are treasures from heaven. Hold it close. Solace cannot be found amongst strangers today. Be with comfort.

Tiffany. X

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